Friday, December 16, 2016


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NEWTON FAULKNER Orange Skies Lyrics, singer by NEWTON FAULKNER

Was born in 85
and I just wanna get some sleep
Been away so long oh
I just wanna rest my feet and
The night sideways by
The people on my frequency.
Wherever I go there is always something there with me

Ho, ooooo, ooooome
I am memorizing face so I can always see
And every time I close my eyes it�s you right there smiling back to me
And even all it�s one below, the sky is always grey
I can feel it in my bones, it�s London calling me
Hoooo, ooooOOOoome

Ooooooooh, ooooh, oooooooOOohh

Was born in 85 and years go by, my footsteps fall
I know inside that every time and that I walk out that door
And I�ll be back and in my sights I�ll find familiar shores
And you, see orange skies and traffic lights
And you know that your

Hooooo, oooOOOo, oooome

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